More Than Your Average Motorcycle Tourism

At Red Dust Riders, we hope to open your eyes to the beauty that is Australia through our eyes. We have our own chain of merchandise. All purchases are used to help us create more content.

The People

In our travels, we have the pleasure of meeting so many wonderful and exciting people. We would love you to meet them as well. After all, without the personalities, you are really missing out on what makes Australia amazing.

The Routes

Where we have gone and where we are going.

The Videos

We understand that words can only go so far as to give you a feel of our Australia. So we have created a YouTube channel with all of our videos.

About Us

Red Dust Riders is a Motorcycle Tourism group. Specializing in a view of Australia from the back of a motorcycle. We are not a motorcycle club or an organization. We also do not belong to one. Though there is a lot of respect for all of them as with any rider.

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