More updates

Being that we are a new business we are adjusting to the feedback of others. Thank you so much for all of your suggestions.


We now have three vendors that are in place. Each has its own quality and pricing structures as well as items that are carried.

Deconetwork is looking to be the cheapest out of the three but also has the most limited items. But they do have the largest in sizing. We have not had the time to have samples sent to us as the costs of samples don’t come free.

Redbubble is our Australian vendor who does have a bit higher prices due to the size of its company. Though since the prices are a bit higher we are that you focus your shopping in Australia to support workers here as we are an Australia company as well. We have not yet tested the products from them as well. Though this will be tested shortly.

Etsy okay just so you know Etsy is not the provider of our items that are being sold. Then items are coming from our worldwide distribution network which is an American company. Though we have tested the quality and we are impressed with the Shirts at this stage. We will be working through their product lines as. But with them, it is a strange process that we have to go through as we are only allowed to Test. We are only allowed to test five items at a time with production costs only. Large men’s shirts have been tested for quality. They are double stitched with medium weight in the thread count. The decal is durable at heavy usage and three washes. I am pleased with the quality of them. We are waiting on a couple of items that are coming from the US but the shirts were printed in Australia for our buyers. Their network uses multiple distribution centers to assist in items being created and shipped in a timely manner. Though with saying that not all items come from certain locations. So make sure when you purchase that you are understanding that something might be coming from the US.


We are in the planning stages of where we are going. This page will be updated as more are chosen. Please also understand that we will be doing some local routes as well that will not end up on the Routes page but might just have a series of videos with a page talking about the adventure.

A Blog?

We are not planning to create a blog about our adventures. We have this update section for keeping our viewers and customers informed about what is going on with the site.

About us

With the site being worked on that is also being adjusted as time moves forward. In a way, it is a living document.

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