Page update 11/8/22

With the new page, things are starting to look better every day. We now have a follow button where you can give us your email address and we will keep you informed of all the updates and new items in the Etsy store. I know that the Etsy store is a little bit more on the costly side but the merch we have received from them is of a higher quality. There are a few issues with the Etsy store that I want to keep you informed that some items coming from the US do take a longer time (my test order is 30+ days). This only is an issue if you are in Australia or Australasia. I don’t think this will be an issue if you are placing orders in the US and receiving US stock. Also, note that the stock does rotate on a regular basis. It also does not remain on the Etsy store forever. If I see a popular item and it goes off the store I will put it back up. If there was something you liked and it came off the store and you would like to buy one please get in touch with us at We hope you have a wonderful day, stay safe and wear safety gear.

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