Time to start building this project

After everything is said and done it is a bit harder to get to this point. We have had a fender bender that landed someone in the Royal Hobart Hospital (everything is fine now). The need to purchase a second bike and fix the first one (not the R18). Learning the video editing software from Insta360 which is a minor headache. Going on no-stop rides all over Tasmania and losing a lot of footage (lesson learned). Though in saying that we are in the process of creating the videos for YouTube as I type.

We have started a project that is aimed at helping newer riders and riders who want no peer pressure on rides to go fast. We call the Project “No Pressure Rides” we have been putting them on every Friday or Saturday for the bigger rides. Here are a couple of photos from those rides.

To say we have had a lot of fun over the summer is to say it lightly

So keep a close eye on this blog we will let you know when a new video is up on here first.

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