Time to start building this project

After everything is said and done it is a bit harder to get to this point. We have had a fender bender that landed someone in the Royal Hobart Hospital (everything is fine now). The need to purchase a second bike and fix the first one (not the R18). Learning the video editing software from Insta360 which is a minor headache. Going on no-stop rides all over Tasmania and losing a lot of footage (lesson learned). Though in saying that we are in the process of creating the videos for YouTube as I type.

We have started a project that is aimed at helping newer riders and riders who want no peer pressure on rides to go fast. We call the Project “No Pressure Rides” we have been putting them on every Friday or Saturday for the bigger rides. Here are a couple of photos from those rides.

To say we have had a lot of fun over the summer is to say it lightly

So keep a close eye on this blog we will let you know when a new video is up on here first.

Well it has happened

It only came about a month and a half late but Gabriel now has his license as well as a BMW R310. So content will soon start to be posted on our adventures.

But meanwhile, I wanted to share a video with you. But first a small amount of context. A long time ago in a country far far away, I read a book called Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance [Link]. This is one of those books that all motorcycle heads should take the time and have a read. But I came across this video done by Revzilla. Finding peace in what you do can be as simple as watching this video. Take the time and enjoy something different. As Australians, we know the postie bikes all too well. I loved this video…

News Update

Thank you so much to our supporters Grant Tucker Attorneys’, BMW Launceston, Insta360, and Cardo. So let’s talk about where we are at in building this business. We were planning to head to Sydney, buy motorcycles, and start the business there. The best-laid plans of mice and men… It got changed as there was no way for us to ride the boat back. So one day I chose to buy bikes here in Tasmania. I went to the first dealer and told them I was there to buy. They sent me away empty-handed, I know I guess my money was not what they wanted. I went for a walk to calm down and came across BMW Launceston. I had heard about the R18 from a couple of YouTubers (Her Two Wheels & Mr Darcy & The Ol’ Man) so I thought I should have a look at it. From the moment I stepped into BMW, I was treated with respect (WOW!). I was not pressured into looking or buying something they wanted me to buy. When I told them I wanted to talk about the R18 I don’t think the poor salesman was ready for me.

Next thing I was riding off their lot for a ride test on this BEAST of a bike. OMG!!!!!!! within minutes my face had a smile a mile wide. So when I got back to the dealership they had made a sale. The first thing to know not every bike is going to tick all the boxes. Some will say what a crappy bike to buy. Others will be in love with your choice. But let me repeat some words of wisdom “I don’t care what you ride as long as it has two wheels” but then let me add the following “Just do it safely, get your gear”. This past Saturday we (Gabriel and I) went out for a long ride with a couple of friends. Oh, how I missed riding with friends. As we got back to the dealership to leave the bike (BMW Launceston once again Going the Extra Mile) as we are waiting for the Shipping container to be dropped off before the bikes can come home.

But we started looking at the BMW 300R so I took the small bike out for a ride and when I got back my smile was once again noticeable on my face. So this took place…

I guess this makes us owners of BMW motorcycles. To the other dealer, I talked to too bad for you maybe learn to treat your customers like BMW does and your dealership will get more sales. Thank you to the Launceston BMW team.

So I guess we need to let you know when we are going for our first big ride. Well due to funding coming late we have moved a number of things back a little bit Gabriel is testing right now as this is being written for his license. But he also has to take a First aid course and a rider’s school as well before we leave for the open road. Safety first must be our first action in thoughts. Though on the 28th of November we are meeting with a business center to help us build the business in a safe way. We have purchased T-shirts to sell directly to our Australia Customers. We have not done the pricing them but expect them to be right around the $20-$25 mark which will include shipping. Here is the design…

Sorry people the model does not come with the T-shirt. Sorry ladies these will be T-shirts, not tank tops. If we sell this first lot we will order more with a different design. We will only have 5 of each size (Adult S-2xl) so when they come in get them fast. Well, that is the update for right now more to come as the business is being built we will keep you informed.

We are still alive and planning

With only a few small hiccups in our plans (NAB Bank). Take our advice they are great at losing thousands in funds so don’t use them.

We are frist aid trained and also mental health first aid trained. You never know if you need those skills. Get trained just in case, better safe then filled with regrett.

We are still planning on the 18th in Sydney if NAB gets off its ass. But the rate they are going who knows. If it was the banks money you would not get 22 to 45 days to find it. Bloody unacceptable if you ask us.

When we know you’ll know. Reminder the store is about to end this seasons items. Get them quick before they are gone.

Patreon and Members Only

In our work to create a more robust and comprehensive business model. We have added Patreon to create a members-only area. This section is not live at this current time. Though we do encourage people to visit our Patreon to view our membership content and its affordability. We expect this section to be live in our November launch.

Thank you
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With the new page, things are starting to look better every day. We now have a follow button where you can give us your email address and we will keep you informed of all the updates and new items in the Etsy store. I know that the Etsy store is a little bit more on the costly side but the merch we have received from them is of a higher quality. There are a few issues with the Etsy store that I want to keep you informed that some items coming from the US do take a longer time (my test order is 30+ days). This only is an issue if you are in Australia or Australasia. I don’t think this will be an issue if you are placing orders in the US and receiving US stock. Also, note that the stock does rotate on a regular basis. It also does not remain on the Etsy store forever. If I see a popular item and it goes off the store I will put it back up. If there was something you liked and it came off the store and you would like to buy one please get in touch with us at red.dust.riders@gmail.com. We hope you have a wonderful day, stay safe and wear safety gear.